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Metatrader Trade Copier

Custom trade copier for Metatrader (4 and 5). Ideal for signal services and money managers. It is also helpful for traders that need to create muti-terminal EAs (strategies that require more than one broker at the same time).

The trade copier can include customized unlimited features:

– Local or internet communication between the signal provider and signal receivers.

– Unlimited receivers.

– Binary options signals.

– Multi-symbol startegies.

– Any kind of money management parameters.

– Filters for type of orders.

– Filters for specific symbols.

– Times filter.

– News filter.

– Magic number filter.

– Customers subscription verification.

Any feature you can imagine can be included in the trade copier. It can be customized for any purposes. Feel free to describe your requirements in the form below in order to get a quote.

Prices start from EUR 90.

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